4 New Social Media Infographics to Watch Out For

Social media and social media marketing have become the buzz words these days. And why shouldn’t they? After realizing the potential of some of the top social media networks, small businesses have started to cash in with their exceptional marketing strategies and quirky advertising of their products. But to stay ahead in the game, businesses have to consider a number of factors that affect their social media engagement and convert casual clicks into to permanent customers. There is no better way for highlighting valuable information in a short amount of time other than using an Infographic. So, to educate our readers about some amazing social media infographics, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “4 New Social Media Infographics to Watch Out For”.


1. How to Create the Perfect Social Post: Social Media posts, irrespective of the platform, are the best opportunities businesses get to market their products and services. Whatever they publish matters a lot and is scrutinized by not only the customers but also their competitors who are always looking to outsmart them. This infographic is a cheat sheet for creating outstanding posts on almost all the major social media networking sites. It highlights all the respective aspects for each social media network that you need to know before you publish your posts.




How Women and Men Use Social Media and Mobile: It is a fact that the brains of both men and women work differently, which is why they use social media for different purposes. This infographic visualizes the major activities men and women are interested in while spending their time online. Looking at this, businesses can easily analyze what to market to both the genders and which strategies to employ to successfully attract attention towards their products.



How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement by 386%: It is well-known that LinkedIn is the most professional social media network, where people create their profiles and socialize with the sole purpose of either hiring someone or getting hired. This infographic alerts businesses to view this platform as the top most priority since it has almost three-times higher conversion rate than Twitter and Facebook. The infographic also highlights some more valuable statistics businesses should know of.




Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses: As discussed in this post, the success of any business in the modern world, depends on its social media engagement. It is important to consider all the major social media platform before initiating a marketing strategy. That where this infographic helps, as it remarkably illustrates the essential activities to perform for each of the top social media networks to stay ahead in the game of social media marketing.



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