How Visual Content In Social Media Create & Manage Brand Awareness & Perception?

Use effective visuals to power up your communications, boost engagement, and spark up your social media. Here’s why you must integrate visual content into your marketing strategy and communications. As you know, our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually. Sometimes the text seems to be complicated to understand but if it is presented through visual assistance it is universally understood with no effort. So Visual Content Marketing can be defined as “The content that communicates or compliments the valuable information in a visual way might be with the use of infographics or videos that are accessible to all”.


With hundreds of social posts flooding your customers every day, you need visual content to help you pop and stand out from the rest of the noise. Role Of Visual Content In Social Media is not simply to add a photo to your blog post. Photos are used as a tool to propel your marketing. Hence it should be original or at least highly specific. The most difficult task is the selection of the infographics (Photos) or the preparation of video that would best suit to the brand promotion you want to make through social media. It is not the cup of tea of any layman. A creative mind with differentiation thinking may bring the miracles in this aspect. Because they can better judge, why you should make video a part of your content marketing? How can you incorporate video into your marketing automation? The right choice of infographics with classic text content can give your visual content a good rating.

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. It primarily covers activities involving social sharing of content, videos, slides, infographics and images for marketing purposes and it is a useful source of market information and a way to hear customer perspectives. Visual Content Marketing in the form of Social media posts is branding opportunities for your products and company. Not only will customers decide whether they like your company based on what they see, they’ll also consume content by the same logic. In other words, having great visual content on social media means more views, engagement, traffic and ultimately, money.


7 REASONS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY MUST INCLUDE VISUAL CONTENT…..If we can learn how to use images, photos, video, and other visuals in online marketing, then you have a greater chance of reaching more people with your message. This provides the opportunity for more exposure as visuals drive traffic to your websites products and services.

  • There is no doubt that people respond quickly and emotionally to images. Use this to your advantage. Showcase your story visually, why to choose your brand or business, to capture traffic.
  • By using Audio-Visual content you can heighten the engagement quotient. The human attention span is shrinking, and hardly any reader is generous enough to donate 5 minutes of his time to brands. But when it comes to YouTube Videos or a podcast he can listen to on the go, he has all the time in the world.
  • The power of customer testimonials is immense. Testimonials without visual components lack authenticity and credibility. When shared visually in form of video on social media, customer testimonials can go viral, fetching publicity for the Additionally, they can offset negative publicity.
  • There’s no recommended time to share visuals with fans on social. Almost everyone these days use Smart devices. So they can enjoy visual content at any time even on their commute to work.
  • Infographics are the great visual content type for Facebook. They easily summarize complex data in bite-sized snippets and drive tons of social engagement. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business whose images appear in local search results.
  • Social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter, have redesigned their news feeds to place more emphasis on visuals. Photos on Facebook, for example, generate 53 per cent more likes than a text-based post.

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