Lesser know Youtube Facts and Statistics in 7 Essential infographics

The state of youtube

United States supremacy prevails on youtube too. It tells about the average time spent on youtube by the people in US. The infographics details about the number of viewers in youtube globally which leaves behind even the most viewed channels of US. It’s even astonishing to know how the top 5 channels of US even lag behind the viewer’s list. And it too reveals shocking fact regarding the ban of youtube in one-third countries of the world. Let’s go through the infographics to sharpen our IQ on the lesser known facts about youtube.



The 2nd largest search engine.

Youtube being the 2nd largest search engine is striving fiercely toward making the search process more visual and engaging. It has succeeded in attracting billions of viewers and is still striving towards its goal of becoming the top most search engine. Through this infographics let’s reveal the truth of youtube beyond the videos.



Youtube by the numbers

Youtube has enriched itself with providing more visual and engaging content to its viewers and indeed this has reflected in the number of viewers.  The infographics provides data about the percentage of online content which is converting into video content with a tremendous speed.  It also tells about the the social media websites such as twitter n facebook also contribute to the increase in number of viewers.



How to make money on youtube.

Though youtube may not bring you to the lime light in a spark of time, but it can definitely earn you a handsome amount. Want to know how?  The infographics below will lead your way towards making money. You tube acts as a catalyst to the monetization process. The infographics provides the statistics of monetization by different sensational figures that have earned, rather came into lime light with youtube. Explore the ways and means on how to make money on youtube.



Advertisers, you need YouTube.

Every month more than 1 billion viewers are visiting youtube for the entertaining and engaging video content it provides.  The brands and advertisers can take umpteen advantage of this platform to showcase their brands, advertise them and make them reach the desired audience. So it’s high time to join you tube and reach the consumers through engaging video content in this online environment. If you are a beginner in the social media field and you want to upload your content in social media for your audience, then let me tell you that youtube is the best platform to showcase your content and this infographics will lead you to why youtube is the best for video marketing.

advertisers you need youtube


The hidden part of youtube

Let’s now discover the hidden part of the iceberg! It’s none other than the youtube which is the one of the top most search engines which has treasured the maximum number of viewers. The earned media is vastly more popular than the owned media. The infographics below describes each aspect in a statistical manner.

The hidden part of youtube

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