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Infographics Design

Show them and they will remember

Do you want to up your social media game? Then you must know that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than plain text content, while infographics in particular are shared and liked 3 times more than any other type of content. Multiply the numbers and draw the line. Now you know why infographics are the visuals you need to reach greater a audience, to the point of becoming viral, by sharing reliable info in a beautiful and appealing manner.

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Video Infographics

Hand crafted animated explainer videos

Video content is the future of online content. We aim is to create high-quality animated video and motion graphics at the best value for money. Our complete team of professional video production specialists will take care of the entire project from the initial concept and scriptwriting phase to the design and final video production so you will get a high quality video that tells your story the way you wanted it.

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Decisions are made on feeling about the fact

Are you looking to improve your presentation game? Are you a sales person who needs some salt and pepper added to your sales performance or you simply want to share your information in a more creative manner? Let us design effective presentations for you, where complex data is made comprehensible to your audience, with engaging stories and insights they can relate to.

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Social Media

The world is your audience

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest are flooded with content every day, so our goal is to help you stand out from the crown in an overly-saturated social media landscape. Our talented team of writers and designers are ready to give you a helping hand so that your social media presence make an impact, grows and audience and engages users, all this on your given budget and in a timely fashion.

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Our Service Guarantee

Budget Friendly

Best in class data visuals, yet we don’t want it to hang heavy on your budget, this is why we set affordable prices for you. Flat pricing. No hidden extra costs. No unpleasant surprises.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction matters so enjoy Revisions until you’re satisfied. Not happy with the work for any reason? You get a full Refund.

100% Custom Art

We make customized characters/artworks for you specially. Great and professional without any copyright hassles.

Quick Turnaround

The great experience we have gained over the years and the vast repository of resources we have access to, both contribute to a faster delivery process. So yes, we get things done quickly!

Our Process

Graphaize is here to assist market specialists create awesome content for their audience with neat storytelling, a professional feel and, of course, amazing visuals. The kind of content people love to share and help businesses reach more people and grow naturally. We’re fast, we’re streamlined and effective, but most importantly we’re passionate about visual data creation from concept, to storytelling and design. We love our job and want to share our passion with you! We’re straight up honest and blunt about what we can do and our limitations. No impossible promises or words we cannot keep. But what we know is that we do all in our power to help your business grow with great original content, data visuals that require just a small investment from your part.
Make your move and give us a call right now to get your first customized infographic with well-researched data and a high-quality designed from Graphaize in less than 4 days.

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